Members of Fredericton Women's Executive:



Carol Burtt                    Pam Doak

Karen Caverhill             Germaine Pataki-Theriault

Brune Clavette              Heather Petrie

Beth Crabbe-Dow         Diana Thompson

Beth Crowell                 Astrid Wade

Regina Hanna              Diane Dixon



Honourary members:


Anne Smith

Barbara Baird

Elaine Colter

Carol Hovey-Smith

Inga Quinn

Pam Lynch

Krista Ross



Contact Info:


The Fredericton Women's Executive






In 1996, a group of independent business women decided the time was right to form an organization to help them network and fundraise for our community.  This group was originally initiated by Pam Doak.  Within two months, a group of amazing women had joined together and founded what today is known as “The Fredericton Women’s Executive”.


There are numerous members in the group and the majority of our group are founding members.  We, The Fredericton Women’s Executive are community oriented and have assisted the less fortunate since 1996.  The group has been providing scholarships for the past several years to young women who are struggling financially, to help further their education.


The group has been able to increase the number of scholarships thanks to the overwhelming support of our biennial Dollars for Scholars fundraiser held in Fredericton.  For more details please contact our group.